Lunch -April 21st, 2010-

My general manager treated me to lunch again! This time was tempura at here. It is located in the 12th floor of Daimaru department store Tokyo branch, which is just in front of Tokyo station.

The view was spectacular and I enjoyed it as well as their food.

Tempura was crisp on the outside and  juicy in the middle. Also,  it had spicy savor of white sesame oil they use for frying tempura.

I want to take my parents and sisters here next time.

"Shinkansen" bullet train is there!

our table set

天麩羅膳 tempura lunch set

prawn, fish and eggplant tempura

four different kinds of salt for tempura : ゆかり, わさび,おぼろ昆布, フルール・ド・セル

水菜 vegetable salad

かき揚げ and ”anago” conger eel tempura

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