Lunch -April 20th, 2010-

The general manager took me to this Japanese-Western restaurant in Kayabacho/Shinkawa area.

津々井 was opened 60 years ago. As I saw on the wall, it  is often introduced on TV or magazines.

There is a glass-sided kitchen just near the entrance and I could see them cooking. All the tables are upstairs and we took one by the window.

They have a couple of lunch menu meals such as Hamburg Steak Don. Since this was my first time, I tried their specialty omurice.

Served with 2 different types of tomato sauce

1) Creamy cheesy tomato sauce

2) Fruity sour tomato sauce

Rice and egg is mixed and fried together

It says "つつ井(the name of the restaurant) Can you read/see it?

It was a little expensive for a lunch meal (about 1,400yen) .

But it was delicious and worth the price.  Well, the GM paid for me, though!

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