Pierre Hermé Mecaron

As “White Day” gifts, I received a couple of chocolates and cookies from some male co-workers. But this gift is distinguished from the others. Pierre Hermé  macarons from my general manager.

Pierre Hermé is one of those shops I have wanted to go but never been to. Once my sisters asked me to get them macarons, I thought about this king of french pastry shop. But I ended up going somewhere else since Pierre Hermé  is too expensive!

Finally, I had their macarons. They looked pretty. There  are all my favorite colors in, green, pink, purple and white. Each of them has a delicate and rich flavor.

I am deeply grateful to my general manager for his kindness. It is one month overdue but 本当にどうもありがとうございました。

Even the box itself looks nice =)

Beautiful colors~

one more box to open until get my macarons!

pink: Rose, yellow&white: Satine (orange & passion fruit), green: Pistache

pink: Rose, purple&white: Envie (cassis&white chocolate), green: Pistache

Rose with rose flavored creme

Pistache, pistachio flavor

Satine's white side with gold/silver accent

In the middle there is a piece of passion fruit

Sorry it's blur...couple of real cassis inside

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2 thoughts on “Pierre Hermé Mecaron

  1. Brenda says:

    I love rose and pistachio flavoured macarons! and these look absolutely divine :)

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