Tecchan at Monzen-nakacho -March 18th, 2010-

That night I got off work a little early and headed to Monzen-nakacho, which is about 15-20mins from the office. I was going to dine out at the yakiniku restaurant てっちゃん with my general manager and other co-workers. I had been to the restaurant before but it took me a while to find the way from the station. Yes, I have no sense of direction. I cannot read a map.  This time I went to the opposite side and finally arrived there a few minutes after we were supposed to meet up.  Only one person was there, the general manager came as soon as I took a seat and the other one could not make it.

Anyways, we started the night with a glass of Japanese draft beer!

our table loaded with food!

ロース  beef short loin (I guess)

カルビ kalbi, marinated beef short ribs

upper right: トントロ pork cheek with good fat!

we had vegetables as well to make it healthy =P

エリンギ eryngii mushroom, which I did not get to eat >__<

ホルモン some internal organs of cow...fatty, chewy and tasty!

Some other internal organs

ユッケ Yukhoe, marinated beef rump

Egg soup

As you can see the pictures above, this dinner was very satisfying. I want to come back here again!

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