Pink and Green

Both are my favorite colors and they are usually good matching. (Yes, I also like purple!)

At Ueno station, I found this sakura cherry tree. Probably fake one. It is almost April and it is time for o-hanami, seeing cherry blossoms (plus drink-partying by trees). But the weather is strange lately. Sometimes it is freezing like it even snowed earlier this month! The othe time it is so warm that I do not need a jacket. Hence, sakura is not in bloom yet.

I am on the train back home having maccha tea latte from Starbucks. I am not a person that goes there regularly but I had to get my youngest sister a caramel frappecino and chocolate scorn. She always loves these.
Me and my sisters are alike. We stick to something once we find it good. My middle sister likes Harribo frog gummies and she never changes. I like green tea and those traditional Japanese homecooking like nimono, ohitashi, tsukemono (pickles) since I was little. I guess that is because I spent a lot of my childhood with my grandparents.

Um…this post is so random! I am getting to see my family soon. It has been almost three months since I ment them on new year’s. I am so sure they are still noisy. However, that is what I missed!

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