Snack -March 17th, 2010-

Roll cake with caramel flavored whipped cream. This is a White Day gift from one of the directors since me and some other co-workers gave him a chocolate on Valentine’s day.

For the people who have no idea of what “White Day” is. On March 14th, one month later the Valentine’s Day. In Japan, on Valentine’s Day girls give chocolates to guys and on White Day the guys get the girls some gifts in return. This is not only for a couple but at work as well. That is why I bought chocolates for my male managers and co-workers. I have to spend some money on that, but usually they give me more expensive stuff like those cute and expensive macarons from my general manager! (I will post the pictures soon. Those were very good!)
Anyways, this is how you develop a good relationship with your male co-workers in Japan.

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